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TSK – Average Rapper Syndrome #Album #Video @Teyeskay @ParkStreetPR

May 8, 2015


‘This really is a solid must-buy release’
‘A rapper that has a certain something special’
‘The LP is strong, has a proper boom bap feel’
‘An album that has that integrity from start to finish’
‘After careful listening this album is put together in a way that is near to genius’

TSK – Average Rapper Syndrome #Album #Download

TSK Feat. Klashnekoff, Deadly Hunta & Si Phili – Life Inna (Prod by. Micall Parknsun) #Video

‘Average Rapper Syndrome’ is the debut album from twenty-three year old recording artist TSK. For the last ten years he has been working hard perfecting and developing his own sound. Now in 2015 we get an album that is probably best described as unique and original, making this a release that any discerning fan of Hip-Hop will adore. Coming out of Thetford in East Anglia, TSK is a rapper that goes a little deeper than your average emcee touching on original concepts and subjects. This is music for the mind as well as the soul, something missing so much in Hip-Hop these days.

The album features some of the biggest names from the UK Hip-Hop scene including Klashnekoff, Micall Parknsun, Si Phili (Phili N Dotz), Deadly Hunta, Tone, Diddy Koi and Shadowstar, with production coming mostly from Micall Parknsun, as well as beats from Ill Thought, Pro P, Huphy & Marlon and cuts from JabbaThaKut. This is just the start though, as recording as already started on his next release, an eight track EP entitled ‘Par The Middle Man’ which features producers from the US out of Atlanta, Brooklyn and L.A. as well as beat makers from Germany and the UK.

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