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Eff Yoo – Papa Dios #Album @OGeffyoo @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR

April 4, 2015

Papa Dios Cover

Papa Dios Tracklisting

Eff Yoo – Papa Dios #Album @OGeffyoo @Rediculus @PlatformzMusic @ParkStreetPR

Eff Yoo – The First Power #Video

Platformz Records artist Eff Yoo just released the visuals for the first single off his debut effort with Platformz titled “The First Power” which premiered on

A first of its kind, landmark video from Queens native Eff Yoo, “The First Power” is a narrative tale about the paintbrush that God used to form the earth and the individuals who inhabit it. Eff Yoo takes the form of our faceless creator and vividly describes the motions that God went through to bring about human life with intense vigor and clever wordplay. “I started the album with how I envisioned whoever or whatever created all this starting it, and at the same time relating it to what you’ll hear in the album”.

The album can be ordered here

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