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Fye Boy aka Florida Montana – Grizzy Grind #Video @FloridaMontana @JonesOMalley @ParkStreetPR

January 28, 2014

Fye-Boy-Grizzy-Grind ARTWORK

If Florida is famous for one thing its HEAT, adding to the burning flames of the Sunshine state is entrepreneur, businessman, rapper and survivor FYE BOY. Straight out of Daytona Beach, FL, his personal story is both inspiring and remarkable.

Born in 1981 in a place called Madison Heights, at a time when turf wars and shoot outs were the norm, FYE BOY remembers sitting on his parent’s porch being surrounded by gunshots. Luckily his Mom had him at Church every Sunday and his father was a respected man of the community, he worked for the city and taught the young FYE BOY the value of hard work and perseverance.

At 19 years old he built a recording studio, started recording songs and set up Fire Boy entertainment as a promotions company, bringing established rap artists such as Lil’ Wayne, Hot Boys, Mystikal, Field Mob, Ying Yang Twins to Florida to perform.

A business mogul from a young age, it wasn’t long before FYE BOY started making money, he opened up a local convenience store and bought up property in his neighborhood. Things were looking very bright for FYE BOY alongside his burgeoning careers as promotions manager and retail store owner, he was an emerging College Football star with 230 tackles in his first High School season and the number one draft recruit, eventually scoring an NFL agent with offers from Universities around the country.

It was at this fateful age however that his life took a wrong turn, a story of misplaced trust, young love, being at the wrong place at the wrong time left FYE BOY caught in the mix of a drug raid and he was handed a four year sentence in state prison putting his life on hold.

Ever resourceful FYE BOY used his time to educate himself, he read books on the music industry, publishing, royalties, licensing. Upon his release at age 27, he kicked his Fire Boy entertainment into full gear – establishing his company as a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Looking for sponsorship for a Florida tour – he began approaching various energy drink companies until he figured out he could do better himself – In 2012 FYE FIRE YOUR ENERGY drink was born – FYE BOY was involved in every aspect, from the ingredients, to the taste, to the packaging. As of today FYE Energy is in 400 stores in central Florida.

FYE BOY’s music can be currently heard on 10 commercials, his last record “Mr. Block” featuring Beanie Sigal hit 500 blogs with over 100,000 hits in less than 6 days, and he is currently working with artists like Rick Ross, French Montana and 2chainz.

The world is at FYE BOY’s feet – and the title his new single really says everything about his mission “GRIZZY GRIND” – Produced by Grammy nominated, 3x Platinum producer AYO the song is an anthem for 2014, slick and incredibly catchy, one listen to this joint and it stays in your head!

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