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Shakezpeare ‘Hip-Hop Is Not Dead’ Album OUT NOW!! #FREEDOWNLOAD @Shakezspeare @ParkStreetPR

November 8, 2013

‘Relevant and well executed’
‘Quality homegrown material’
‘If you like real music then this is for you’

Shakezpeare is a UK Rapper from Coventry who has been putting in mad work this year with a string of credible music videos and performances. Born in the UK with German, Jamaican and English roots this talented song-writer and performer injects mad energy into his music to create his own unique brand of Hip-Hop. This ex-con turned aggressive wordsmith is the 100% truth and with a strong history of street life behind he now focuses on the positive as he spreads his words of wisdom through his songs and lyrics.

‘Hip-Hop Is Not Dead’ is the brand new fifteen track album that is already creating a buzz on the underground. With an amazing selection of solo tracks as well as features from the likes of MC Toddlah, Big Dutty Deeze, Unseen, Chrymes and Ricky Rox this album is a must for any real Hip-Hop fan. The production throughout the project is tight too with beats from a string of solid producers including Oaks Anop, Embra Beats, Charlie Mac, Tricksta, Naughty Grammar, Great Majesty, Roll Blunts, Coaste Beats and Chrymes.

Shakezpeare – Hip-Hop Is Not Dead (Tracklist):

01. Intro
02. Hip-Hop Is Not Dead (Prod. by Oaks Anop)
03. Shut Ya Mouth Feat. MC Toddlah (Prod. by Embra Beats)
04. Rydah Music (Prod. by Charlie Mac)
05. Cov Bully (Prod. by Tricksta)
06. Skit 1
07. The Way We Living Feat. Big Dutty Deeze & Unseen (Prod. by Naughty Grammar)
08. Ra Tatta Ta (Prod. by Great Majesty)
09. How It Goes Feat. Chrymes Prod. by Charlie Mac)
10. Raise Up A Glass Feat. Big Dutty Deeze (Prod. by Embra Beats)
11. Skit 2
12. The Brink (Prod. by Roll Blunts)
13. My Right Arm (Prod. by Coaste Beats)
14. When The World Sleeps Feat. Ricky Rox (Prod. by Chrymes)
15. Outro

Download link:

Music Videos:

Shakezpeare Feat. Big Dutty Deeze – Raise Up A Glass

Shakezpeare – The Brink

Shakezpeare – Rydah Music

Shakezpeare Feat. Big Dutty Deeze & Unseen – Da Way We Living

Shakezpeare – Ra Tatta Ta

Shakezpeare – Hip-Hop Is Not Dead

Connect with Shakespeare:

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